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meet our founder

Hi there! I'm Toni, that's short for Tonislava.

I'm so excited to welcome you to our community!


A few years ago, I was living in San Francisco - working for a fast-growth Silicon Valley startup and "supposedly" living my dream. Unfortunately, I felt like I was off my path - living in the wrong place & doing the wrong work.

One day, I went into a bookstore and picked up a book called "The Foreigners" by Maxine Swann. It was a novel taking place in Argentina - something inside of me lit up. A few days later, I finished the book and decided to follow that call and move to Argentina. ​

Fast forward some months and I was living in Buenos Aires beyond excited about my new beginning. I knew I wanted to start a business and use all of my skills, experience and creativity but I was overwhelmed with ideas.

A sense of hopelessness started to take over..



the journey continued

After my initial excitement of first moving to Buenos Aires wore off - I began to feel a sense of hopelessness and isolation. On one hand I had made a very brave decision that altered my life and on the other - I had absolutely no plan for what was ahead. 

My big ideas felt overwhelming because I had never allowed myself to think in such a big way.

I felt driven and motivated - but also so confused and disoriented when I would try and make sense of everything.  My family and friends did not quite get what I was going through and I was desperate to find people who did. 

Finally, I had had enough and decided to organize a small meetup for a group of women entrepreneurs and called it Foreign Morning.


I remember that day so vividly- it was a crisp and bright morning. I had ordered a coffee and was anxiously sitting at an upstairs table in my neighborhood cafe waiting for everyone to arrive.

I had so much fear that the girls would think our meeting was totally pointless.

One by one, they started to arrive. We laughed and shared stories and I began to feel a sense of relief. Although we had such different pasts, we all related on our love for entrepreneurship and the difficult moments we had experienced with it. 

From that morning on, I knew I wanted to create a space where these stories and connections could thrive and live on.

Where one person's experience had the power to inspire others to make a change in their own life and to feel less alone in their struggles. 

Foreign Morning was my salvation and continues to be - and I hope you too find a sense of belonging in our community because your story and experience will undoubtedly bring hope and inspiration to others. Always remember -

you deserve to have the most fulfilling career - don't stop going for it

~ Tonislava 

Work with Me

We all have an entrepreneurial journey that is uniquely ours - filled with ups and downs, lessons and failures.


But sometimes that path becomes unclear, confusing, and overwhelming with so many options. 

Through personalized One-on-One training I can help you find clarity on your path and define actionable steps for what's ahead. 

Shoot me a message telling me what you need help with & I will send you a guideline of how we can work together to get you focused and working towards your dream business & career

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