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Tonislava Docheva
Apr 26, 2017

Foreign Talks: Motivation 360 with Marilen Stengel



What a special evening exploring the topics of motivation and purpose and how to discover and cultivate it in our lives! I'd love to know, What was your biggest takeaway from this talk or what were you surprised to find out??


Tonislava Docheva
Apr 26, 2017

I was totally fascinated with the Victor Frankl diagram describing Purpose + Emptiness versus Success + Failure.


I found the diagram when searching more about it - so interesting!!


Isa Berizzo
Apr 26, 2017

Marilen talk was great! Exploring what is behind motivation make me understand my own inner process and what drives me in my entrepreneurial path. Thank you Marilen for your wisdom and thank you Toni for make it happen!!

Tonislava Docheva
Apr 27, 2017

Isa! Yeah I totally related with you on better understanding what fuels my own motivation. Also helped me to see that my "Biggest" purpose isn't the only one but that I have many smaller ones as well :)

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