What is Identity?

What do you define as your identity? Can you put it into a few words? I first began exploring ideas of how we come to define ourselves because I noticed that as a society we love to generalize our identities. You often hear people talk about themselves and say things like “I am an entrepreneur, I am a designer, I am a student, I am a wife. ” Labels that are core to our identities but are actually quite obvious and boring to everyone around us. Most often when we identify with these general labels we tend to stick together, creating community but also separation from others. I see this as dangerous grounds that breeds tension, comparison, and self-doubt.

If you ask me, I’m much more interested in the nuances in between. When I was a child I switched between identities of being a painter, cat veterinarian, and princess on a daily basis. Then as a teenager, I began to “refine” my identity and call myself a “culture connoisseur.” So as an adult why am I so quick to label myself as only a entrepreneur, woman and friend?

I believe it’s so important to become aware of ourselves, what we uniquely identify with and then own it, amplify it, celebrate it.

Because even if we don’t realize it, we are constantly communicating to the world who we are by the way we speak and act. At work, at home, with our friends and with total strangers, it is up to us how we express our identity.

I'm so excited to introduce some great workshops for the month of March like Storytelling for Entrepreneurs and Business Branding which are going to allow you to dive deeper into yourself and explore your self identity and business identity more intimately.

Personally, if I had to define myself I would like to say that I am a never ending student, a curiosity seeker, a connector, a storyteller, (definitely still a culture connoisseur) but finally the sum of the parts - myself. Because in the end, amongst 7 billion other people on the world, I am uniquely me - just as you are uniquely you.

So, how do YOU choose to define yourself?

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