Snapchat- The Platform of the Future

As a millennial splitting my time between San Francisco/ Silicon Valley and Buenos Aires, Argentina - I keep a steady finger on the cultural pulse and emerging societal trends. Cross culturally people are placing more and more value on the way they spend their time and companies need to adapt to this changing mindset. With the rise of social media - we see platforms come and go but where is it all headed, here's my prediction:

Snapchat is the future of social media and now is the perfect time for brands and businesses, especially in Argentina, to become early adopters of the platform.

I’ve personally been using this platform since its early beginnings in 2012-13 and have watched its evolution as millennial brands like Warby Parker, Everlane and Nasty Gal started utilizing it for their main channel of communication and marketing. Everlane, a fashion brand has exclusively chosen Snapchat as their social channel, backing their bold move with this statement : “Snapchat gives us the chance to explore transparency in a completely new way. No fancy cameras. No editing. Just raw, live, footage. It’s beautiful, and it’s the platform for the modern generation."

So what’s different about Snapchat and how does it fit into our lifestyle and the way we consume content?

Transparency - with Snapchat you can’t hide behind perfect filters, crops, and curated content - it’s raw and real. People are demanding to know : where the stuff they’re buying is made, the process, behind-the-scenes, and most importantly the people behind the brand and with Snapchat you can give them that intimate experience.

Storytelling - as humans, our fundamental nature is to tell stories. Stories are what connect us. Every business or brand is essentially a collection of stories and how you tell those stories is crucial to your success. With Snapchat, story telling is a seamless experience. Snaps (both photos and videos) automatically transition one after the other creating a curated mini-story

Time - It’s the one thing that we all have exactly the same amount of - 24 hours. Because of this time frame, how we spend our time is becoming increasingly important to us. Snapchat stories expire within 24 hours - do you think this something they randomly came up with? Brands and businesses need to be conscious of just how much people value their time and give them quality, transparent, beautiful short-stories in exchange for it

I want to hear from you - are you using Snapchat - and if so, for personal or professional reasons? Leave us a comment below!


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