Entrepreneurship is a Journey

On my last birthday, my best friend gave me a small but incredibly meaningful gift that’s become a constant reminder as I navigate my entrepreneurial path. This reminder is a 4x4 inch wooden sign that says “Life is a Journey.” To some, this quote might sound a bit cliche but it’s had such impact on my entrepreneurial journey, which at times has been incredibly scary and uncertain.

It's a reminder that every experience is meaningful, even what we consider our failures.

I remember one trip we were on an an overnight bus traveling from Bulgaria to Istanbul. We were sitting in the very last row of seats, and outside was pitch black. The bus driver, an angry Bulgarian who smoked a cigarette with one hand as he held the wheel with the other, was speeding along a windy road and at every turn we were catapulted in one direction or the other. What we thought would be a pleasant trip that we slept through until the morning turned out to be a nightmarish ride where we clutched each other’s hand and held on until dawn. When we finally made it to Istanbul, we appreciated the beauty of Hagia Sophia mosque and the splendid waters of the Bosphorus that much more because of that ride from hell which had strengthened our friendship.

As a reminder (because it feels nice to be reminded by someone who cares about us) I’ll say it again,

Life is a Journey and so is Entrepreneurship

I challenge you to look at your entrepreneurial vision through the lens of it being a journey instead of a destination - do you experience it differently? Stay curious, keep learning, and make your entrepreneurial journey, a thriving adventure!


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