Transform your To-Do List

Do you ever catch yourself thinking, “I need to do this, and that.. Oh and that also!” A million need-to's going through your mind! How did that feel? My guess is - tense, stressful, and even a bit panicky. I'm only saying this because I've definitely been there. From this state, what kind of work do you think you’re going to produce when you actually do get around to doing those things? Yep - thought so.

Here’s how you can easily transform your to-do list, know why you're doing those things and actually get them done!

1. Immediately after those “I need to’s” pop into your head write them down somewhere. Ideally, this is a place that you can access on all of your devices - like google docs, or notes. Or if you’re more traditional like me, you can write them down in a notebook. ( with a pen)

2. Once those things are out of your head, you’ll already start to feel mentally less cluttered and free up space

3. Next, ask yourself - "WHY do I think I need to do this?" Most often a lot of things on your to-do list are going to fall out because you realize they're actually unnecessary and just waste your valuable time

4. Finally, and probably the most important step, is changing your mindset! “Replace, “I need to” with “I’m going to” and watch everything take on a different meaning

Try saying it! “I’m going to prepare for my presentation, I’m going to write those 3 blog posts, I’m going to schedule my social media schedule”

This mind shift is so powerful because it turns your to-do list from possibility to certainty!

Imagine starting your day knowing exactly what you need to do, and being certain that you’re going to get it done - feels amazing right? This technique has worked wonders for me in prioritizing what is important. Now, I challenge you to try it - start writing everything down today that you need to do for tomorrow. Then tomorrow morning, look at that list and ask yourself "Why do I think I need to do this" and once that list has narrowed down, shift your mindset to "I'm going to do this!"

Stay curious, keep learning, and make your entrepreneurial journey, a thriving adventure!


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