Finding Clarity to Reach Your Goals

When was the last time that you achieved something that felt really good? I mean - really really good. Now think back, was this something that just happened out of nowhere - or did you work incredibly hard? My guess is that you put hours and hours of work into it.

Now - that’s absolutely fantastic, and maybe you’re already saying to yourself, “I get it...hard work equals achievement.” That’s not the lesson I’m after here. What I want you to understand is all of that hard-work happened because you had a goal and then set a number of objectives to actually reach it. What does this mean?

Goal and objective setting is crucial when you are an entrepreneur starting a business because it is helps you get CLARITY and FOCUS.

Without these two, it seems like there is a million things we have to get done making us scattered and anxious because let's face it we're just one person.

So what do I mean by goal and objective setting? Here’s an example - You’ve been drooling over picture-perfect posts of travel bloggers on Instagram and your Pinterest board called Wanderlust is filled with the cobblestone streets of Italy, clear blue water on the French Riviera, and the white stacked houses of Santorini. You’ve made up your mind, and your goal is to travel around Europe for one month this upcoming Summer! Fantastic - now the big question, how are you gonna make that happen? The answer to that is going to be the objectives you set which need to be measurable and broken down. It could go something like this:

I need to save $2,000 for a plane ticket and $1,000 for spending and every time I get my paycheck for the next 6 months I’m going to put away 10% of it in my savings account for this trip. Now, even though this objective is still quite broad - you’ve broken it down into measurable chunks that make you see that this is actually possible. That’s what we want to do by setting objectives - make this enormous goal become realistic and achievable - which it absolutely! Remember:

A goal is something you want to achieve while an objective is a specific result you reach within a limited time frame and with the resources you have available.

Now, I know that if you’re reading this you’re already quite resourceful so that won’t be a problem for you. So, I challenge you to try this for a goal you've been wanting to reach, maybe it was your New Year's Resolution you never got around to? Either way - set a goal, break it down into objectives ( make sure they're measurable) and give yourself a time frame.

Stay curious, keep learning, and make your entrepreneurial journey, a thriving adventure!


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