The Benefits of Limiting Your Decision Making

For me, one of the hardest things of being an entrepreneur is actually the thing that I love most about it as well:

I get to choose what to do and when to do it.

The problem with that? There is constant decision making which can sometimes leave me exhausted - and yes, decision fatigue is an actual condition! Now just think to yourself, how many decisions you’ve made in your day so far. Let’s say it’s still just the morning time, you had to decide “should I snooze or should I get up, should I go into the kitchen first or into the bathroom, should I make coffee or buy one, should I wear this red sweater or this purple one.” The crazy part - you haven’t even begun your work day yet!!

It’s scientifically proven that throughout the day, your decision making capabilities lower. You could go from making rational decisions at your team meeting to impulsive ones that aren’t thought through and could have serious consequences. So how do we tackle this?

We limit the decisions we have to make throughout the day, by scheduling them in advance.

There is so much more freedom in actually planning your day because you know you’re in control while simultaneously making great decisions that matter. This might be hard at first but overtime, (specifically 30 days) your brain will crave to have a pre-planned day because it allows it to function fully on what actually matters. The results you’ll start seeing in your improved focus will be proof.

So try this - for one whole week, pre-plan your entire day from what time you wake up, to what you’re going to wear, to when and what you’ll have for lunch. By eliminating those little decisions, you’ll have energy for the decisions that really matter in your business.

Stay curious, keep learning, and make your entrepreneurial journey, an adventure!


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