Finding Inspiration Daily

Finding inspiration for me usually happens in the mornings. I think it’s the time of the day, before my brain is flooded with too much information and too many decisions to make - that I am really open and receptive to allowing inspiration and creativity to naturally flow.

Want to feel more inspired and try this yourself? Here’s the process I go through:

I can’t emphasize the importance of keeping a journal in the morning where you just free-write whatever comes to mind. When this becomes a habit, which it might take a little to do or it could be totally natural for you, the words will just flow. For those of you who feel like you can’t sit through even 2 minutes of silent, cross-legged meditating then this could be a wonderful option for you to try because,

Journaling is actually a form of meditation

Sometimes when I start to write, it usually comes from a place of frustration or confusion and I’m writing because I’m trying to solve a problem for myself. For example, this morning I started with a lot of questions “Why can I not see the end result of this business?” and “Why do I not know what I have to do next?” I know that my ego would like to think that I’m the only one having these doubtful thoughts but it’s safe to say that quite a lot of people, especially entrepreneurs who are just starting out, go through. If you catch yourself starting out th

is way - that’s awesome! Get those frustrations out without censoring yourself, and I can guarantee you that after a while, something miraculous will happen.

Your brain will start to find creative solutions to your frustrations and find inspiration.

In these moments I feel like my most authentic me shines through and my truest desires become really clear and magnified. The best part about this whole process? I’ve written it all down so I can go back and reference it if I start to loose inspiration!

So I challenge you to try it - buy a notebook that you really like. It can be in your favorite color, just make sure it feels right for you. I personally love Moleskin in light lavender shades because they’re calming and also have become so familiar and comforting to me. While you’re having breakfast - take a moment for yourself to just write.

Remember - Stay curious, keep learning, and make your entrepreneurial journey, a thriving adventure!


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