The Benefits of Mindful Meditation

Do you ever feel helpless when your thoughts begin to just spiral out of control - one after the other, in an endless snowball of thought because it seems you have absolutely no control over them?

All of our lives we have evolved certain thought patterns, both “negative” and “positive” and beginning to recognize them will guide us to engaging with more positive thought behavior. But why is it so important to catch your negative thought patterns? Because:

What we think directly affects the way we feel.

If we are thinking negative, hateful, or jealous thoughts, that’s going to make us feel pretty shitty. Instead if we are thinking positive, inspired, or excited thoughts we’re going to feel joyful, happy and empowered.

But first let’s better understand what thoughts actually are. No I’m not actually going to tell you what they are, you have to understand them yourself. What I will tell you is that for me, meditation has been the process through which I began to see them in their truth.

What we do in meditation is observe our thoughts - where they come from and how they begin to build upon each other.

One misconception there is of meditation is that it’s about silencing your thoughts and stilling your mind - but the truth is, is that it’s impossible to silence your thoughts. What we do instead is to observe without attachment and judgement. Through this practice we often times come to the realization that we are actually not our thoughts - we are the observer of them and that itself can feel liberating.

However, meditation alone isn’t enough to recognize your thought patterns. If you really want to make a change, you also have to make a conscious effort of paying attention to your thoughts throughout the day. Notice what you’re thinking on your way home from work, or when you’re exercising.

The real shift will happen when you realize that certain thoughts simply don’t feel good. At that point, you always have a choice - take control, redirect, and pick a thought that feels right to you.

We want to hear from you - have you tried meditation or practice it regularly? Let us know in the comments below!

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