How to Stay Motivated During Summer

It's official - Summer is here in Buenos Aires! With that come the holidays and soon after vacations, trips and HEAT. If you're an entrepreneur you might be wandering - how am I going to keep-up with my business? We've created this trick to keep you on track!

Review and Renew - Reflecting on the Past Year & Redesigning the Next

Often times we're so focused on the next thing to do that we don't stop to appreciate and reward ourselves on just how much we've achieved already. This activity is designed to bring awareness to your accomplishments and achievements, but also your failures and mistakes so you can grow and evolve. Get out a pen and paper (or a journal if you have one) and take the time to answer these next questions - we promise they'll not only help your business but will give you a fresh boost of motivation for the upcoming year:

1) What were the goals you set for yourself in 2016?

2) How successful were you in reaching those goals?

3 ) What was your biggest accomplishment of the year?

4 ) What was your smallest accomplishment of the year?

5 ) What was your biggest mistake or failure in your business?

6 ) What part of your business feels like you fulfill your purpose?

This activity is so effective because it will help you appreciate just how far you've gone in one year. It helps you see what you really enjoy and will bring you back to the original reason as to why you started that business. Perhaps throughout the year your goals and vision changed and that's all right too.

Sometime we get stuck doing something we don't truly enjoy just because it is comfortable but now is the time to make those necessary changes to create exactly the kind of business and lifestyle you want!

Happy New Year!


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