Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Let’s talk about being uncomfortable for a moment. I mean the kind of uncomfortable you feel when you know in your gut you gotta do something but a little voice in your head goes off and makes up a million excuses as to why you shouldn’t.

What does that annoying voice sound like? “Mmm..It’ll probably be better to do this after this weekend, I'll be more prepared.” YEAH RIGHT - or - “Let’s just wait until that person gets back to me and then I'll do it.” WRONG

Usually the mantra of that voice is: avoid, avoid, avoid!

Now think back again when instead of avoiding that thing that made you so uncomfortable, you actually pressed on and did it anyways? Wasn’t it the best feeling in the world? So what exactly happens that makes us feel so damn good after we complete something that we knew we should but just felt so uncomfortable doing - GROWTH. Internal growth happens - you’re literally exercising your mental muscles the way you would your physical muscles when you work out.

You build mental resilience and strength when you overcome the thing you yearn to escape because it brings you greater fulfillment then giving up.

So next time you start to feel uncomfortable in a situation that you know you have to do and that little voice starts to get louder telling you to put it off - SHIFT your mindset and do it anyways. The mental strength you'll build is worth far more than a few moments of uneasiness. Have you had a similar situation on your entrepreneurial journey - share below and let us know!


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