How do You Feel About Monday Morning?

Everyone who knows me, knows that I’m in love (fascinated and obsessed) with mornings.

There’s something so magical about having a totally blank slate, a fresh start, a new beginning and we get to have that each and every day.

However, how we choose to look at it, is a totally different thing. I’ve created a super fun survey (I’m telling you, I really really love mornings) which will help you reflect on how you spend your mornings and even better, what your ideal morning would look like. Take me!

Oh you wanna know what my Monday Mornings look like? Well, if I absolutely have to, I’ll share ..

6:00 a.m. my phone’s alarm goes off, and I snooze for generally 20 min. (ideally I would not snooze at all and jump out of bed fresh as a daisy but let’s be realistic here..) I feel around my nightstand for my white glasses and then head into the kitchen. Pretty standard, I make a pot of coffee with a french press and prepare some hot oatmeal and a banana. Next is probably my favorite part, where I snuggle in bed with my freshly brewed coffee and journal in my notebook. This is an absolute must!

Freely journaling is my form of meditation because it brings awareness to subconscious thoughts that my mind might be holding on to and allows me to release them.

Finally, I jump into my workout clothes, put on my headphones and get myself to the gym before the sun is up for a good cardio sweat.

Now I wanna hear from you! What does your regular morning look like, and even more so what would your ideal morning look like?

Stay curious, keep learning, and make your entrepreneurial journey, a thriving adventure!


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