Event Highlight: Women’s Day Special with Ayelén Aimé Garcia

Last Friday, March 10th we gathered over a refreshing drink from Curuba Lab in our Foreign Morning garden to celebrate International Women’s Day. It was a perfect warm summer evening as members of our community started to arrive and the buzz of conversation filled the space. Our Guest Speaker of the evening was Ayelén Aimé Garcia, a designer from Patagonia whose latest collection of limited edition handbags were designed to empower women with slogans like “Loving Myself is Multi-Orgasmic” and “Freedom is Being Yourself 100%” However, Ayelén never intended to make a collection with that mission.

At the start of her career she studied design at Universidad de Buenos Aires and then immediately began working for one of the leading design companies in Argentina. After some years, she realized that having her own brand was the next step so she started creating beautiful and functional leather handbags which took her to Melbourne, Australia. She recalls this time in her life as looking perfect from the outside but on the inside feeling empty. By trying to fit into the Australian culture she felt like she lost her own identity and by creating bags that would only sell she felt like she wasn’t putting any meaningful contribution into the world.

After 4 years of living there she decided to return to Argentina and began taking coaching classes to get in touch with herself, realizing that for the past years she was creating what she thought the world wanted from her. She went through a process of learning how to value herself and regaining her identity, resulting in creating her latest collection - Love Lab.

What happened with Ayelén is so common because in this digital age we are bombarded with the perfectly curated lives of others - making it easy to lose sight of our true identity. Getting in touch with ourselves and what we truly desire to bring into this world is a process that I think we should do much more often.

That’s why we’ve created a special Workshop designed to Define Your Identity and Find Clarity for Yourself & Your Business

For this workshop, led by Carolina Fowler founder of Lovegood Studio, we’re combining ideas and strategies from all kinds of disciplines, from Design Thinking to personal growth, conscious goal-setting and mindfulness to branding and color theory to help us take the first steps to focusing on what we really want and building a career and business that helps to fulfill that purpose. Are you ready to take the first step?

Learn More!

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