Workshop: Defining Identity with Carolina Fowler

As humans, we’re often trying to “find ourselves”. To be true to ourselves. To understand ourselves. And the truth is our identity has a lot to do with the path that our lives take. It’s where our perspective and our choices come from. When we want to design a life or a career that resonates with who we are, that is true to our innermost self and our deepest desires, that is intentional and fulfilling, it makes sense to have clarity about that identity, so that future choices and paths can be made to align.

Some people go their entire lives without a clear answer to who they are. That was definitely something that I struggled with a lot for many many years (which is not to say that I have it totally figured out now, either!) While for many people, their nationality is a big part of who they are and how they define themselves, I never really had that. Although I was born in Brazil, I grew up moving around to different countries every 3 or 4 years and so never had a definite concept of “home." It took me a while to navigate that. To create my own identity without those traditional anchors. But anyone who has felt like an “other” or an “outsider” has most likely felt like this, and isn’t almost everyone an outsider at one time or another?

Figuring out who you are, what you want, what motivates you, is very similar to the branding process that business go through every day. You ask yourself a number of questions, think about what you want to bring into your life and what you want to give to the world. The only difference is that with branding, you write it all down and use it as a reference for all future decisions and communications. So why not do that for ourselves as well? Besides being an extremely helpful guideline for keeping us focused on what we really want in the long run, it can become an invaluable resource for not only designing a life and a career that you love, for also as a jumping off point for the branding of your own business, should you choose to launch one!

That’s why I’m so excited to lead this Identity Workshop with Foreign Morning. We want to combine exercises that help you define your own personal identity and desires with more traditional branding exercises, which will help you not only understand what you want from your life and career, but will also help you define your business and how you want it to come across to your ideal client!

A little bit about me: I’ve been working in social media marketing for 10 years and in that time I taught myself graphic design. I’ve just recently launched my own business, focused on providing social media strategy and graphic design for social entrepreneurs and businesses with purpose. I’ve worked with marketing, branding and design for years, while at the same time being completely fascinated with people, sociology, identity and trying to figure out what I really want.

For this workshop, we’re combining ideas and strategies from all kinds of disciplines, from Design Thinking to personal growth, conscious goal-setting and mindfulness to branding and color theory to help us take the first steps to focussing on what we really want and building a career and business that helps to fulfill that purpose.

So, in preparation for our workshop, here’s a bit of homework for you. Have you ever taken the 16 Personalities test? Do yourself a favor and take it. It’s a very helpful first step in helping to understand yourself and your motivations and will give you some valuable insights going into the workshop!

Now it’s your turn to tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you on your journey? What you hope to get from the workshop? Can’t wait to meet you!

Learn More & Sign-Up For the Workshop Here!

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