Workshop Highlight: Defining Identity

An amazing thing happens when you ask yourself tough questions and proceed to give as honest to yourself as possible answers. That's exactly what we did last Saturday at our first Defining Identity Workshop. This special workshop was led by a creative and inspiring woman and also a great friend of mine, Carolina Fowler, who recently launched her own branding and graphic design business called Lovegood Studio.

Because the goal of this Workshop was to Find Clarity for Yourself and Your Business - we decided to include a Workbook with questions to dig deeper into what we want out of our life and our business. We took inspiration from a book called The Desire Map written by Danielle LaPorte which helps you identify the core feelings you want to have consistently in your life.

When we first sat down to talk about the kind of content and topics we wanted to talk about in this Workshop we intuitively knew we wanted to include a lot of mindfulness and self-reflection - all things that we already practiced in our own lives. For that reason we included a beautiful guided meditation to help us connect deeper with ourselves and our creative potential.

Another topic we really wanted to cover was Design Thinking. The two of us had just completed an online course led by IDEO called The Course for Human Centered Design and we were both fascinated with the process of problem solving that we had learned which could be applied to basically any area of your life.

After learning about Design Thinking and answering the questions about ourselves, we proceeded to the business half of the class. Here we focused on identifying our ideal clients and establishing a brand style guide for our personal or business brand.

My favorite part of the Workshop (and also everyone else's) was learning about the fascinating theory of Seasonal Color Personalities. We found inspiration for this from an amazing designer, Fiona Humberstone, This activity helped us begin to identity the color palette of our brand.

The final outcome of this Workshop was an Identity Brief outlining the core aspects of your brand's design and feel - an overall summary to take home and begin creating a business that is deeply aligned to what you truly want our of your life. Thank you for everyone who joined us and made this morning so special.

Special thank you to Curuba Lab for sponsoring us with delicious and refreshing juice during the event and to Bauer.photographer for the beautiful photos.

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