Returning to Meditation

Around this time last year I had my idea for creating the Foreign Morning community and with that came chaos. There were hundreds of ideas, projects, and solutions sparking up my brain at every given moment and I knew that if I wanted to focus, I needed something to center me. Also around that time I had been hearing a lot about meditation. One of my spiritual teachers, Gabriel Bernstein's talks about establishing a meditation practice to get us deeply connected with ourselves - although I had heard her say this many times before - this time I knew I had to start.

Since then, I have been on and off trying to maintain a meditation practice that works for me. Just recently, I have picked it up again after I had some big shifts in my life. This time however, I'm determined to maintain my practice. Now I'm going onto 3 weeks of daily mediation (sometimes even twice a day) and I have a new found commitment not only to my practice but to myself.

For this reason, I wanted to share the tips on what's been working for me in staying motivated and committed to my practice, here they are:

1. Pick a time and stick to that. I can't stress this one enough. To build a new habit, you need a trigger to get you to do the new activity. (to build a habit also takes 30 days so know ahead if you can make that commitment) For me, I always always meditate right after I have breakfast.

2. Choose a type of meditation. I realized that trying to meditate in silence was just not working for me. I choose to use a guided mediation. I experimented with a few different teachers and found one that I really connected with. Here's her channel on Soundcloud

3. Accept every practice for what it is. For me this meant that I had to stop judging myself for not having the "perfect" practice every time. Sometimes I feel like I just can't concentrate, sometimes I my mind grabs onto thoughts, and sometimes I feel the bliss of nothingness - it's different every single time.

4. End with gratitude and intention. I think this is the game changer for why I've been able to commit for 3 weeks now. At the end of my meditation instead of ripping off my headphones and rushing into my day, I take a few moments to remind myself of all of the blessings in my life.

Well, these were my 4 newfound tips for maintaing my meditation practice. I have to say that since I began again, I have been feeling a deep sense of trust that everything is working out (even if sometimes I feel like everything is going wrong). Now I'd love to hear from you - do you have a meditation practice or have been wanting to start - let me know in the comments below?

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