Getting Motivated with Marilen Stengel

When I walked up to the beautiful garden where the Voces Vitales Mentoring Walk was taking place this past March, I had no idea the kind of unconditional support I would receive. It was a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning in Puerto Madero and there was such an exciting buzz of energy as over 100 women gathered to begin the Mentoring Walk which paired women who are at the beginning of their career with experienced ones. I was matched with Marilen Stengel whose had an extraordinary career as a writer, consultant and trainer dispelling women's stereo types and making them the protagonist of their own career. As Marilen and I began our walk, I was feeling anxious and unclear about my future. I started sharing about my entrepreneurial journey and the blocks and confusion I was having about what I wanted to create with Foreign Morning, and as we went on in our conversation, I noticed myself starting to relax as I felt Marilen's calming and supportive presence while she listened to me speak.

When I asked her to share about her life, I discovered that we had so much in common, like our love for literature and writers like Margaret Atwood. She told me about moving to New York when she was a young woman and the many career transitions that she's had - describing that every decade in her life represented a transition in her professional life as well. The important thing there being knowing when it's time to move on.

Since then, Marilen has helped me see the doors to the possibilities in my own life and for that I am deeply grateful. That's why I was beyond excited when she asked me to be the speaker at our next event!!

Fast forward to last night, April 25th when we hosted our first Foreign Talks Event in Partnership with our friends from WeWork. As the night started, Marilen asked us what Motivation meant to us - leading me to reflect deeply on just how important motivation is in my life and career.

Throughout the talk she referenced her two favorite writers on the topic of motivation. Victor Frankl who wrote Man in Search of Meaning, and Daniel Pink who wrote Drive.

In the end, we concluded that all motivation comes from a purpose. A purpose that is meaningful only to us and not the outside world which will bring us the most fulfillment.

Now I'd like to know, how important is motivation in your career?


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