The Trap of "Finding" a Purpose

For a long time, I was really hungry to find out what my purpose in this life is and how I can make a difference in this world. Sound familiar?

Recently though, I've been thinking just how much I had been torturing myself to "find" a purpose. I'm starting to think that a purpose isn't really as clear as we want it to be and actually it kind of sucks being defined by one big grand purpose. Talk about pressure..

If you're like me, you really really want the work that you do to be serving a greater purpose, but I think we get so blind sided trying to identify it that we don't notice the small miracles and truly beautiful ways that we affect others on a daily basis. I think purpose can come in small moments of caring about others. It can come in finding the light in an otherwise "negative" situation, or sometimes it can come when you're just in the flow while working on something that you really care about.

I'm constantly inspired by the people around me who have that HUNGER for a life that's greater than the norm. For a life that's filled with meaning and contribution as opposed to comfort and consumerism. I know that often times however, it is scary and quite terrifying to go against all of the societal norms but I beg you, please please do not silence your inner voice and calling because it's always going to lead you back on your path.

I'm super curious to know what you think about what Purpose means to you? Please share below and let's start a NEW conversation around purpose, meaning and living a truly fulfilling life.

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