Foreign Talks Event Highlights

This past Thursday, June 8th we had our second Foreign Talks Event in partnership with WeWork. The theme of the night was Embracing the Unknown in your career or an entrepreneurial undertaking. We brought together a panel of women who have undergone transitions in their career by forging their own path. They shared with us the highs and lows of pursuing your passion and ultimately how to move forward when you're doubting yourself.

The key takeaways from the night when feeling stuck in your career or you don't know what's next:

"Just keep moving and find the little things that make you happy " - Eliana Terbeck

" Accept yourself and the situation - Don't fight with yourself " - Ale Marcote

"Know your values and find a place to work that aligns with your values" -Ana Paula Valacco

"Find a community of people that you enjoy being around and surround yourself with like-minded people" -Tonislava Docheva

Want to see even more? Check out the video highlights of the night:

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