Why it's Important to Feed your Creativity as an Entrepreneur

Working in startups and entrepreneurship can be incredibly fast paced and everyday can look different. At any given moment you could be working on a marketing campaign, rearranging your business model, creating content for your social media or pitching and doing sales. This sort of environment is thrilling but can sometimes leave us feeling burned out.

Have you ever had that craving for doing something tangible - like with your hands? Something mess and creative where you're not thinking about what you're doing - you're just doing it!!

This sort of craft work or art activities often get left behind in our adult lives but it is so important to find time to incorporate them into our day to day, even for just a few hours out of the week.

Okay, I know what you're saying now. "Yes but I'm not really a creative person...I was never really good at all of that art stuff..."

I'm telling you now - stop lying to yourself with that! The great Elizabeth Gilbert (writer of Eat,Pray Love and Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear) said:

“If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.”

Leaving your creativity unattended can be dangerous, and suppressing it won't really make it go away. So next time you have that urge to be creative, go grab a paintbrush and just swirl away on a canvas or take that sewing class and learn that craft you've been wanting!

Feeding your creativity as an entrepreneur with a creative activity that isn't related to your startup will actually leave you feeling more inspired and refreshed for your actual project.

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